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Stream: TK Webb And The Visions, Ancestor

September 02, 2008

The beauty (and occasional curse) of the internet is that if an album comes out and you aren't sure if you want to drop your hard-earned money on it, you can get it online and answer all the hard questions for yourself. We don't do that because it is wrong, but occasionally, labels make it right. Case in point, right now TK Webb and the Visions' Ancestor, a great album full of grungy power riffs and Webb's smokey growl that doesn't remind us of flannel so much as tying flannel around our wastes and glancing longingly at Doc Martens, is streaming at Kemado's website. So you can decide for yourself right now if the solo at the end of "Teen is Still Shaking" reminds you of Smashing Pumpkins. Or not. But you probably should.

Stream: TK Webb and the Visions, Ancestor

Posted: September 02, 2008
Stream: TK Webb And The Visions, Ancestor