Audio: East Village Radio 10/3

October 07, 2008

Last Friday on The Let Out (our weekly show on East Village Radio, made possible by Dewars) we played music from or about Los Angeles. Listen to East Village Radio this and every following Friday from 6-8pm EST and check the tracklist after the jump.

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Ice Cube, "How to Survive in South Central"

Beck, "Black Tambourine"

Freestyle Fellowship, "Cornbread"

Flying Lotus, "Camel"

Cody Chesnutt, "Boylife in America"

Los Angeles Negros, "El Rey Y Yo"

X, "Sex and Dying in High Society"

Mika Miko, "Business Cats"

DJ Quik, "Quik's Groove"

Kokane, "Slow Burnin' 22.5 Degrees Fahrenheit"

Guns n Roses, "Mr Brownstone"

The Doors, "Peace Frog"

The Weirdos, "Teenage (demo)"

Minutemen, "Shit from an Old Notebook"

Black Flag, "Police Story" (live)

The Urinals, "I'm a Bug"

The Bags, "We Don't Need No English"

The Germs, "Forming"
Love, "Alone Again Or"

Pavement, "Camera"

John Phillips, "Drums"

David Crosby, "Orleans"

Neil Young & Crazy Horse, "Danger Bird"

No Age, "Boy Void"

Woolfy, "Two Far Gone"

Elyse, "Spirit of the Letter"

The Pharcyde, "Running" (Jay Dee Remix)

Yoyo f. Ice Cube, "You Can't Play with my Yoyo" (West Coast Remix)

Diamonique f. Kid Frost and others, "Still 4 La Raza"

Chico & Coolwadda, "Wild N D'West"

Quik, AMG, Mausberg & Suga Free, "Down Down Down"

Eazy E, "Boys N the Hood" (Remix)

Ceci Bastida, "No te Dgan Que No"

Unsexy Nerd Ponies, "1986 Valerie"

Down aka Kilo f. Snoop, "The G Way"

Aelpeacha, "Voyage to LA"

Leon Ware, "Why I Came to California"

Posted: October 07, 2008
Audio: East Village Radio 10/3