Stylee Fridays: Velour Fall ‘08

October 10, 2008

Here in the style department we're often so focused on what's next—foraging stripy dresses (so very Dries, darlings) for the spring and stashing itty bitty rompers for next summer—that we completely forget about what's actually factually happening right now. Of course it's always important to take a good, hard look at what's going on with your fall/winter wardrobe just to figure out what sort of style loopholes need patching up—a good pair of boots or a coat for example. Velour is a Swedish label we came across earlier this year at Capsule, and we touched on it briefly in a review of the tradeshow. What we saw there was actually Spring '09 (stay with us), awesome classic pieces with a Scandinavian twist. Velour started out with a store selling deadstock vintage clothing, and the little classicisms in their line kind of make sense when you think back to those origins. Anyway, working backwards in the collection and forwards in our closets, Fall/Winter '08 Velour is full of amazing basics—great knits and tailored pants, all subtly updated with a modern fit and color palette. As much as we loved the spring collection, the Swedes are obviously better equipped when it comes to designing with colder climes in mind. And there are plenty of things to help us keep us cozy and stylish right now—the double-breasted Owen cardigan in oatmeal, the James shawl sweater in orange, and the London coat in grey. For the girls: the dark denim Samantha Chinos and oversized Nadia plaid shirt. Check the pics after the jump.

From The Collection:

Stylee Fridays
Posted: October 10, 2008
Stylee Fridays: Velour Fall ‘08