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Freeload: The Lines, “Airlift”

October 15, 2008

On November 4th Acute Records will release Flood Bank, which collects the two full-length albums from '80s UK dub/post-punk band The Lines. Besides sounding like it could have come out yesterday, The Lines are natural precursors to bands like Excepter, Out Hud, !!! and The Rapture. The reason you may not have heard of them until now is, as their bio states, because "They never toured and rarely spoke to the press. For 5 years they rehearsed, performed and recorded to little acclaim, leaving only 8 releases on vinyl." Sounds like our band. You can get "Airlift" from Flood Bank below and if you like that make sure to grab a ton of web-only mp3s from their previous Acute singles compilation Memory Span.

Download: The Lines, "Airlift"

Posted: October 15, 2008
Freeload: The Lines, “Airlift”