Style: Livraison Magazine

October 21, 2008

In FADER Number 57, we talked with creative director Johan Sandberg, the man behind the art and design of Lykke Li's album sleeves as well as his own Stockholm-based design collective Sandberg & Timonen. When we spoke to Sandberg, he told us about he and Henrik Timonen's massive side project, Livraison magazine. After the jump, Sandberg explains the idea behind the annual publication.

Livraison is a magazine that Henrik Timonen and I do. Its very thick, like a book, maybe 400 pages, and we do it once a year. We’re working on the new issue right now. It started because we wanted to do our own project, one we would have complete control over, with no clients telling us what to do. So, we thought, why not do a magazine? which we always dreamed of doing.

Every issue has a theme or an idea. The first issue, the "Private Issue," we wanted to interview famous people and portray them as unknown people. The second issue we did still life pictures, there were no humans, or anything living, it was called "Hidden Objects." In the third issue we did a mask issue called "Secret Identities" where all the models needed to be wearing a mask. We had photographers and the artists make them, and then forty to fifty different photographers for the issue. The next one we’re working on will be a landscape issue and won’t feature any human beings. It’s called "Open Landscapes and Closed Rooms." We had about fifty photographers find their most favorite spots in the world. Some of these photographers are our friends, but mostly we contact the ones we like and ask them to do stuff for us—people that we are admiring, that we want to work with—very good photographers, we think anyways.”

Posted: October 21, 2008
Style: Livraison Magazine