Stylee Fridays: Q+A with Silver Spoon

December 12, 2008

We first met Avigail and Damian of London-based label Silver Spoon last year. They spent the summer of 2007 in New York and were busy spreading the word about the new line, getting up to some old fashioned mischief besides. When they came by the office with a suitcase full of the loveliest, most buttery leather jackets we'd seen in a long time, featuring their line in the magazine was basically a no-brainer. The couple have since expanded ten-fold, and for Spring '09 designed a collection that runs the gamut of street-smart luxe — lots of gorgeous color-infused minis and tough-girl bombers for the ladies and polished but decidedly laid-back separates for the boys. Kanye happens to be one of their newest fans and his featuring of their tailored sweats on his blog ended up getting the stylee parts of the internets all atwitter. We spoke to Damian earlier this week right after a marathon day of shopping with friend Mariel Haenn. The stylist was on the prowl for new designers to add to Rihanna's wardrobe, and luckily Damian was at hand to point her in the right direction.

When you started the line there was a real focus on the leather jackets. Why did you decide to expand it?

It was always the intention to expand the line. What we did with to begin with might not have been the smartest move but it was a pretty ballsy one—we started back to front. Most people start with T-shirts, we’ve gone the opposite way round. What we thought we’d do is cover the garments we couldn’t find in the market place first, which you know was those sick leather jackets. But now we want pants, jeans and shirts, we want knitwear. So it’s really a case of trying to replace all the garments in our wardrobe with our own label. To be honest we don’t spend that much money on clothes anymore, it’s nice to be able to make some real high-end tailored clothing but at a price that after a couple of week’s saving you can afford.

I noticed you still included a few leather pieces in the line—his and hers suede bombers.

I’m wearing one right now! I came up with the navy blue perforated one and then Avigail was designing the taupe. She arranged with the factory to get the red made without telling me, and when the sample arrived I was like we have to use that!

Have you worn it yet?

Honestly I haven’t had a chance. People keep calling it out for shoots! I actually really want to get it on Lil Wayne, I think he would rock it well. The whole thing with Silver Spoon is the long-term. The goal is to still be here in 10 years. We approach it as high fashion but a little more street. To be in a position to dress really comfortably, or to go to a club or dinner and not have to change—that’s what Silver Spoon is all about. Like taking grey marl sweats and making it into a suit jacket, or a tailored pant instead of like a Nike track pant.

You referenced two very different movies—Y Tu Mama Tambien and The Talented Mr Ripley—as the inspiration for the new Spring '09 collection.

Well there’s actually a third component—the architect called Luis Barragán. We were watching BBC 2, the world’s 80 most incredible gardens, chilling on a Sunday night watching this show and they were in Mexico City, showing the floating gardens of Mexico city. There were all these amazing colors in the architecture. The aesthetic for Spring '09? I would 80 percent of it came from The Talented Mr Ripley. Rich Americans living by the sea in Italian—so European cuts with a preppy feel. But we didn’t want those colors to be washed out like they were in the movie. We wanted them to be more vibrant and that’s where Barragán came in. And as for Y Tu Mama Tambien that was just the sex to be honest. As a label we’re a couple, we’re together, so it’s gotta be hot. As well as wanting to put it on, you’ve got to want to take it off.

Posted: December 12, 2008
Stylee Fridays: Q+A with Silver Spoon