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Freeload: We Are Dios, “Epileptic Tunnel Visions”

March 05, 2009

Hawthorne, California's We Are Dios née Dios (Malos) née Dios have been a FADER favorite ever since we put them in issue #22 in the summer of 2004, Eric Ducker describing the sound of their self-titled debut LP as "good music for getting over a girl or a hangover, or getting up in the morning to the chorus of birds, dogs and traffic… or maybe that's the ocean." That still pretty much sums up what we love about We Are Dios — no matter what their name is — and they are prepping their next album for a new label that probably won't change our minds ("Epileptic Tunnel Visions" is probably going to be on that album, and you can download it below.) In the meantime, the band recently recorded a live album with Spaceland Recordings with a bunch of new songs on it that you can get here as a digital file or on heavyweight red vinyl. The catch on the vinyl is that the limited edition run will only get pressed if 200 people order it by March 31st (refunds for everyone if they don't reach that), so get to it. And if you're in Texas this month, go see them play these new songs in your face while they tour before, during and after SXSW.

Download: We Are Dios, "Epileptic Tunnel Visions" (via 20JFG)

Posted: March 05, 2009
Freeload: We Are Dios, “Epileptic Tunnel Visions”