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On The Street: Seoul Fashion Week

March 31, 2009

Our global on-the-street style contributors have all been migrating east of late, and the newest offering comes straight from Seoul Fashion Week. Elsa Lam gives us the SFW breakdown:

"At any fashion week you expect attendees to be decked out in their fasionable Sunday's best--heels, vintage Chanel and something to make you stand out. At Seoul Fasion week that's not quite the idea. What it looks like is a typical acting casting call. A majority of the girls in a black or brown short leather jacket paired with a flowy floral dress.As I was walking through the crowd I saw this girl. At a quick glance she fits the aforementioned description, but you sense something different. It's the blue leather jacket. Not only does she take a risk in the color but she also takes the risk on the dress. In comparison to the rest of the girls here, her dress is not form fitting. Instead she Edie Sedgwick in her early days. I stumbled upon this guy while doing a bit of people watching. What won me over was his broach. From far away what seemed like an oversized pin really was a gold feather. In my years I've never really seen men embracing the broach or pin idea. Overall the look was a bit '80s meets East Hampton but it was the "bling" that brought it all together."

Posted: March 31, 2009
On The Street: Seoul Fashion Week