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Freeload: Desolation Wilderness, “Boardwalk Theme” MP3

June 08, 2009

The last time we were on a boardwalk a kid fell off his big wheel because the back wheel got stuck in a gaping hole in the planks. We're not going to say where it was, but it rhymes with Boney Highland. Going by this song, the dudes in Desolation Wilderness probably have a pretty different and (hopefully) more idealized view of boardwalks. "Boardwalk Theme" reminds us of sunsets, seagulls, fishermen and couples eating ice cream. Actual boardwalks remind us of freak shows, cigarette butts, giant piña coladas and gross public bathrooms.

Download: Desolation Wilderness, "Boardwalk Theme"

Posted: June 08, 2009
Freeload: Desolation Wilderness, “Boardwalk Theme” MP3