Premiere: That Ghost, “The Red Bow” MP3

Photographer Darrin Schmale
October 06, 2009

"The Red Bow" is 90% drunken bummer spirit—like when the Strokes made us believe that alcohol actually was the illest problem solver around. Girl doesn't like you/want you anymore? Forget it, go get drunk. That Ghost isn't necessarily saying that in so many words. Instead he is wailing through a film of spit-on-your-microphone bitterness: I'd much rather cut my legs off, so you can carry me home on your own/and if you left me here in the shadows then I'd find a cold cave to call my own. It's the ultimate "feel sorry for me, but fuck you too" jam of the early afternoon. "The Red Bow" is from the previously tour-only and now digital-only EP Get It and Get Out, which will be available all over the internet November 17th.

Download: That Ghost, "The Red Bow"

Posted: October 06, 2009
Premiere: That Ghost, “The Red Bow” MP3