The ABSOLUT FADER Visionary Podcast #6 — Exceptional

October 09, 2009

The sixth and final installment of the Visionary Podcast series, curated by The FADER and presented by ABSOLUT as part of our ongoing efforts to advance and advocate the art and music we love, is inspired by the word "exceptional," which we hope you think this podcast series has been. We've got some of the Very Best, the totally Amazing, a Mega jam, an All-American and a claim of ultimate difficulty. Now that the six are done, download them all and listen in order for the full experience of our excellence or jumble them up to see if it makes any difference at all. It doesn't really matter to us, as long as you enjoy the music. Thanks to all the artists and labels who helped us out along the way.

Download: The ABSOLUT FADER Visionary Podcast #6 — Exceptional

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The Very Best, "Yalira"
The Count & Sinden, "MEGA"
Weekend, "All-American"
Fergus & Geronimo, "Harder Than It's Ever Been"
The Amazing, "Dragon"

The ABSOLUT FADER Visionary Podcast #6 — Exceptional