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Chico Mann (from Antibalas), Analog Drift: Muy…Esniqui LP

December 10, 2009

As longtime fans of Antibalas it's almost embarrassing that someone else had to bring to our attention the ridiculously awesome solo work of that band's Chico Mann. Mann has been self-releasing crazy synth-laden funk and afro-flecked jams for months that we are just now digging into heavily. Shame on us. Blessings on Geko Jones who spotted "Ya Yo Se" from Mann's recent album Analog Drift: Muy Esniqui, which, miraculously, you can own without spending a single cent next to nothing, or, if you really like it, for as much as you want to donate. We're valuing it at one million dollars. Mann has a few other releases in the same vein up, as well—also worth a million—and is now taking donations both large and small on Kickstarter to fund his next album (while you're at Kickstarter, throw a little money at Deakin too). Mann will be playing a bunch of shows in New York over the next month, with and without Antibalas, if you want to hand him cold hard cash for his music or give him a hug—dude looks huggable.

Download: Chico Mann, "Ya Yo Sé"

Download: Chico Mann, Analog Drift: Muy…Esniqui LP

Chico Mann (from Antibalas), Analog Drift: Muy…Esniqui LP