July 06, 2010

People must realize its my birthday or some shit because really good music is popping up everywhere right now. Jams after the jump!

Gunnar Wendell (aka the always excellent Kassem Mosse) had a song “587” on one of his 12s a year (or two?) ago, and FXHE is releasing a 12” with the tune remixed twice by Omar S. The clips are all i’ve got to go on right now, and I’m stoked. Thanfully I have the Omar ice tray or else I would’ve had to order that from FXHE too. Mojitos, son. Peep the original Mosse track below, what a thing of beauty:

I’ve recently started fucking with “She’s Acid” by this dude Funkineven from UK, and this song jams! It is such a tight vibe to hear a 303 running underneath hyper modern chopped boogie. The B side of the 12 (“Must Move”) brings dare I say a slight EBM vibe to the party, too. There’s some Front 242 vibes unintentionally lurking in the boogie monster. Also, the photo of Funkineven on the 12 is one of the chillest photos I’ve seen all year.

Golf Channel put out one of my favorite edits ever, a thorough dubbing of Chic’s “Flashback” a couple years ago. Recently they dropped a one-sided twelve with a TBD (Lee Douglas, of Stallionz and Rong 12s fame, along with Justin V of !!!) extension of this “Get To My Baby” edit, which is a killer. Normally I can’t get into edits where the original track itself is dubbed out and reverb’d, but in this case it really takes the song into new territory. This kicks ass.


A few months ago I dug up a promo copy of “Beat Bop” on 12-inch for ten cents and it really boosted me up. When I first heard “Beat Bop” I was around 19 maybe. I recognized the “Can’t et my drift” snippet from a Beastie Boys song, and learning that Basquiat also produced the track blew my mind. Multi-taskin’. But when the Rammellzee verse comes in with all that reverb it's too fucking sick. Like Bootsy Collins said, “Rammellzee is on purpose.” He had killer raps about coke (“the long fingernail at the end of the tip of my pinky...”) before most rappers, and both of his verses conjure up that ultimate image of NYC’s downtown scene for me; i get these hallucinatory photos in my mind of like a Futura 2000-covered wall, shadow people out of focus but not sketchy hanging out rapping in a museum. Also, is Rammellzee the first rapper to say “Breakadawn?”

I recently read the excellent How To Wreck A Nice Beach by Dave Tompkins (in one Chinatown bus trip from NY to DC, actually), which actually included a Rammellzee chapter that, while only loosely associated with the vocoder revelations of the rest of the book (which is outstanding), is a pretty stunning, 3-D, and, at times, a little tragic portrait of an amazing dude. There’s craziness there, or rather the type of whirlwind sentences that “normal” people just can’t say out loud, that end up more like lyrics from “Beat Bop” or the coolest analysis of all time. I love this shit:

“When asked if he had seen the new Transformers movie, he said, ‘I don’t need to see it. I am it. Why do I need to see me?!’”

I can’t honestly say I’m super into Ghettovets (the instrumental backing to otherwise amazing lyrics/sermons from Rammellzee is kind of dated and stale to me), Death Comet Crew, or much Rammellzee music beyond “Beat Bop” and his parts in Wild Style and other films from that era. But there is way more to the dude than I could possibly write about here and investigating all of it has always been inspiring to me. This clip is some of my all-time top of the pyramid shit:



Out now on Future Times: Beautiful Swimmers “Big Coast” 12-inch

Out now on Ramp Recordings (UK): Maxmillion Dunbar “Girls Dream” 12-inch

^Grip these at your pleasure

Posted: July 06, 2010