Our Intern—And Yours!—Sifts Through the Wiley Slush for Grime Gold

July 21, 2010

When grime star Wiley went nuts and released 200 tracks on his Twitter we threw up our hands. Just wake us when you find one as good as "Pies" we said. But we knew this was unfair. And we also knew this is why the world has interns. So we assigned Oliver Rivard, our intrepid intern, and now the world's intern, to listen to these songs and bring you a great playlist of future Wiley classics. Click through to see his reasoning and track list.

Download: FADER's Wiley Twitter Leak Playlist

When the notoriously unpredictable co-founder of Roll Deep decided to drop his manager via Twitter and release 11 zip files of previously unheard tracks, the FADER editorial office new they needed someone with an unusual level of expertise, someone strikingly good looking, someone who would sift through 202 songs because it was their job. These tracks are the tested cream of the crop, from the classic early 2000s-era sound of Skepta's Mix of "She Likes Da", to the killer island club banger "Bun A Likkle Weed," to the ruthless dubsteppy machine gun of Maxta's "East London Is Back." I've even included the absurd "Value For Money" which brings one back to the measured corniness that first gave grime it's unique, endearingly tongue-in-cheek brand of gangster eloquence which was so prevalent before everyone decided they were just stone-faced criminals a la American hip-hop. While Eskiboy has always had a tendency towards the soft piano-ballad "I'm hard but I still love me mum" style cheese-fests, the stale R&B female singer cameos, and the goofy electro Mark Ronson-esque dance tracks (and of all three there are plenty), Wiley and his cohorts shine most brightly when you can still taste the residue of the Bow district in the rhythms and flows, i.e. when the grime still sounds like grime, or when it's at least still progressing within the channels of dissident and tumultuous darkness that hangs over East London's diasporic music scene, be it UK funky, bashment, bassline, or dubstep. Big ups for the Toadally Krossed Out rhythm and the instrumental for Shystie's "Pull It."

What They Want - Wiley
Value For Money - Wiley
We're Rolling (Ft. Wiley) - KIG
Joint Venture (Ft. Wrigley) - Wiley
Swimming (Ft. J2K) - Wiley
The Bomb (Ft. Wrigley) - Wiley
Face Off Bars (Ft. Opium) - WIley
Grime Daley (Ft. Wrigley) - Wiley
I Mastered This (Ft. Brazen) - Wiley
No Sleep (Ft. Brazen) (Produced by Balistiq Beats) - Wiley
Don't Hide Away (Ft. Rinse, Ice Kid & Mike Skinner) - Wiley
Ice Roads From London To Manchester - A List
Bun A Likkle Weed (Ft. Trigga) - Wiley
Movement Activity - Wretch 32, Scorcher & Ghetts
East London Is Back - Maxta
Talk Of The Town - Ice Kid
Fully Involed (Ft. Double S, Manga & J2K) - Bless Beats
She Likes Da (Skepta Mix) - Wiley

Posted: July 21, 2010
Our Intern—And Yours!—Sifts Through the Wiley Slush for Grime Gold