John Frusciante is in a New Band and it is Sweet. WTF? MP3!

July 22, 2010

Any dude who makes "Your Pussy's Glued to a Building on Fire" is A-OK with us. You can stop there. But then you continue to be in Red Hot Chili Peppers as you were before and, you know what, "Californication" is kinda a jam. Anyway, John Frusciante now you are in a band on the same label as Rainbow Arabia? Whatever! Swahili Blonde follows that same label of "foreign thing" + "color related thing." And hey they are awesome!? Mostly the project of Nicole Turley, Swahili Blonde's got some heavy Raincoats vibes, strings and reeds and high lady voice. But it's also got inner spiral guitar drain from the dude wearing the winter hat in the "Under the Bridge" video. Also we heard Devo's drummer just joined this band (that's not a joke, though it is funny). Check out "Elixor Fixor" from their album Man Meat.

Update: After some varying reports on Frusciante's past and present status in the group, we asked Swahili Blonde publicist Tim Jones for the skinny. He says, "He plays on every track on Man Meat but then quit the band. He felt obligated to perform at least a song the other week as tons kids drove very far to seem him play thinking he was in the band still. I don't think he'll be making anymore cameos though. Probably won't be on their next album I hear, but he definitely left his mark on this one."

The fact that he "quit" the band, does lead us to believe he was officially a member. Bummer he's gone, but at least there's a cool record.

Download: Swahili Blonde, "Elixor Fixor"

John Frusciante is in a New Band and it is Sweet. WTF? MP3!