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Heal Yourself and Move: “Iiiiiiiiiiintoxicated”: The New Urban Tribe LP is the Shit

August 02, 2010

This week’s Heal Yourself And Move—a biweekly column about dance and electronic music, written by Maryland’s finest, Andrew Field Pickering—presents to you an homage to the new Urban Tribe LP Check the deepness post jump.

So Urban Tribe used to be the solo effort of one Sherard Ingram, and Mr. Ingram has pretty steadily released his own songs (and collaborations) under this name since 1996 on labels like Rephlex, Planet E, and Mo Wax (How come I listened to like, all the bad Mo Wax releases in high school, but never caught one of these??). He has also long been keeping the Drexciyan legacy strong for years as DJ Stingray. For this latest, self-titled Urban Tribe album, released on Kenny Dixon Jr.’s Mahogani Music (get you some), Ingram is joined by Carl Craig, KDJ, and Shake for 12 “programs.” If you don’t about these dudes I can’t help you.

^ One of the Mo Wax cuts, much, much sicker than La Funk Mob or The Psychonauts (Oh the 90s!)

I was in Brooklyn NYC at Dope Jams (go there, especially if they have a party) when I saw this LP, and the personnel list alone was enough to make me pumped, but listening to the album in the store I knew I needed to grip it based on bugged-out-ness alone. Also, being in that store really influences one’s purchases. Something about being pummeled by the deepest house music through huge speakers while incense creeps up on you in the darkness just makes one want to take chances on wild shit. I felt, upon skipping around with the needle, that even if this wasn’t actually the sickest, most playable (DJing fucks with your perception of music for sure; its hard to remember that I can play songs at my house) album, I still needed it. The artwork helped too; the LP cover is a hypercolor, pixelated pile of buildings, both photographed and jacked from floppy disks, purple skulls, guns, women, dudes hanging out and having a good time, Detroit, a preacher, a ski mask, cubes, a fast car, space.


Beautiful Swimmers’ latest 12-inch, Big Coast, is still available from Future Times and all fine 12-inch dance stores online. Also check out for Girls Dream 12-inch by Maxmillion Dunbar, a preview for the upcoming Cool Water LP, out in the fall on Ramp Recordings.

Posted: August 02, 2010
Heal Yourself and Move: “Iiiiiiiiiiintoxicated”: The New Urban Tribe LP is the Shit