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Expensive Looks, “Found Out” + DOM Remix MP3

November 11, 2010

Full disclosure: Expensive Looks has a single/LP coming out on FADER editor Sam Hockley-Smith's Group Tightener label at some point in the future. But Sam's not here right now, and we just got this in the mail and we're not even sure if it's the same shit. Sam, hit up your boys on Twitter, dawg. Regardless, the reason this is the first Expensive Looks post on FADER is that Sam refuses to even talk about this in the office, which is a damn shame because it is supremely excellent. "Found Out" is the second single from the Dress to Impress cassette coming on Mirror Universe anyday now supposedly. In the meantime, we'll give up the bonus DOM remix that's been on the internet for a minute and is also quite jamming. Enjoy them both and ask Sam what's up with the rest when he's done chilling in the sweat lodge or whatever he's doing right now.

Download: Expensive Looks, "Found Out"

Download: DOM, "Living In America (Expensive Looks Remix)"

Expensive Looks, “Found Out” + DOM Remix MP3