Premiere: Jim-E Stack’s FADER Mix

February 02, 2011

Haven't been to New Orleans in a while, wonder what night life is like down there. People have been telling us to move there, that it's where the fun is. Is this true? Jim-E Stack is young, lives in NOLA, and made us this mix that's 34 minutes and 11 seconds of club music that we could hear from beginning to end five nights in a row and lose our self every single time. It's manic, subversive, renegade, really young. And the best part is that even sitting at our desk on a Wednesday morning, the last minute of slow, come down jam reminds us perfectly of the exhausted ends to all of our best nights. Check out the track list after the jump.

Download: Jim-E Stack's FADER Mix

Jim-E Stack - Ya Best
LOL Boys - Hearthache (Jim-E Stack Remix)
Ramadanman - Grab Somebody
Karizma -Twyst This
Marcus Price & Carli - Bubbelgum (Acapella)
Marcus Price & Carli - Bubbelgum (Sam Tiba Remix)
Switch & Ms. Thing - Love Guide
DJ Znobia - Luanda Lisboa (Remix)
DJ Relize - Dirty Bounce
Canblaster - Clockworks
French Fries - Merel
NGUZUNGUZU - Strut (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
Damu - LED (Jim-E Stack Remix)
DJ Tameil - Back It Up & Dump It
DJ MikeQ - Transform Ya
Waka Flocka - Bustin At Em (Uknown Edit)
Unknown - Caderando Con Acordeon
DJ Icon - Indie Buda (Flute Mix)
Jim-E Stack - Do U
Jim-E Stack - One Step

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Premiere: Jim-E Stack’s FADER Mix