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Zdot, BeatGeeks and Wariko’s Puddin N Treacle Mixtape

February 16, 2011

Grime has always been an enigmatically localized musical phenomenon in spite of its global exposure. You could make the argument that this is because, on top of the distinctive rhyme schemes and post-garage rhythm production that obviously separates the movement from say, hip-hop, it's pretty hard to spit a grime flow if you don't have the accent. The scene doesn't seem to strayed very far from where it all started in East London around ten years ago. It's got that city on lock and not many more. On Puddin N Treacle, producers BeatGeeks (respectively Elreezy and Blenda), as well as top MC Wariko, are repping Nottingham, which hasn't looked this gangsta' since... well, you know. They're also teaming up with West London's Zdot, who's worked with Wiley, Devlin, Griminal, Juelz Santana, and even Nelly Furtado. Watch out for Wariko's album with BeatGeeks, Natural Born Poet, coming in April.

Download: Zdot, BeatGeeks and Wariko's Puddin N Treacle Mixtape (Via Grime Forum)

Posted: February 16, 2011
Zdot, BeatGeeks and Wariko’s Puddin N Treacle Mixtape