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Stream: Jamie XX, “Far Nearer” + “Beat For”

June 06, 2011

"Far Nearer" has been a mainstay of Jamie XX's DJ sets for months now. Its sun-washed steel drums will dig at your heart at breakfast time, in the evening, and certainly at the end of the evening, when you're nursing a tea in the comfort of your own home, maybe still drunk, waiting for tomorrow. Jamie will DJ the Boiler Room's one-year birthday party this Wednesday. The Far Nearer 12-inch—also featuring the densely sub-woofered "Beat For"—has a cover designed like a Russian constructivist strawberry daiquiri, and is now available for purchase from Numbers.

Stream: Jamie XX, "Far Nearer"

Stream: Jamie XX, "Beat For"

Stream: Jamie XX, “Far Nearer” + “Beat For”