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Boy Stop: Nicki Minaj Did Not Get Punched in Texas

July 13, 2011

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Nicki Minaj was punched in the mouth by an unidentified man in her Dallas, TX hotel room. Allegedly, Minaj asked a hotel employee to call the cops after a poolside argument escalated. TMZ says the man left the scene before cops arrived and files were not charged.

A&R Scaff Beezy—Minaj's maybe-lover—was near a pool in Dallas on Monday. But both sides of the could-be couple deny the reported assault. Minaj went right for the balls:

UPDATE: TMZ obtained and published a police report, filed by Dallas cops on Tuesday July 12th, describing the hotel fight. It states that Minaj followed assistant Safaree Samuels into her room after a "verbal altercation". Upstairs, she looked into his suitcase, to make sure he wasn't taking anything, when he "shoved the suitcase across" her "chin and lower lip," causing "slight swelling and redness."

Boy Stop: Nicki Minaj Did Not Get Punched in Texas