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Ayshay, “Warn U” (Nguzunguzu Remix) MP3

July 25, 2011

Ayshay’s Muslim Trance mix was one of those quiet game changers that we still listen to on a regular basis today. So much so, that we're regularly checking the internet for news of her upcoming record on Tri Angle. Our wish came true at some weird hour this morning, when we rolled over in bed and compulsively looked at our work emails on our phones (bummer, sorry), and saw that the EP is getting wide release on September 26th. Based on what we've already heard, the original stuff is great and hypnotic and eerie in the way that an alley with shafts of light shining down on it is eerie. Here's an Nguzunguzu remix of the title track, which is like all that other stuff we just wrote, but with crazier drums. Stream the original below the download of the remix.

Download: Ayshay, "Warn U" (Nguzunguzu Remix)

Stream: Ayshay, "Warn U"

Ayshay, “Warn U” (Nguzunguzu Remix) MP3