What We’re Reading: Zola Jesus

September 13, 2011

It’s September, time to say goodbye to your Tevas and tank tops and hit the books. We asked a handful of artists releasing music this Fall to find out what's on their reading list. Here, Nika Danilova bka Zola Jesus gives us her top picks.

Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea: This has trained me to watch for the fives. Robert Anton Wilson is a majestic vigilante hero of Truth. It should be noted that TSA has re-run my copy of this book through the X-ray machine multiple times.

Ubik by Philip K Dick: If I had to choose only one PKD book from a burning house, it would take a long couple seconds to think about it, but I would choose Ubik. This is the first Philip K. Dick book I read and it has since launched me into a blind obsession with the man.

Ice by Anna Kavan: This story completely envelops, and inserts itself into your own world until it slowly freezes you from the inside out. Anna Kavan is highly underrated, and possibly overshadowed by the more whiny/less-legimitely-heroin-addicted Sylvia Plath.

Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz: I wish the Father in this story was my own. I initially bought this book for Sanatorium Under The Hourglass, but Street of Crocodiles really won me over more. That magical realism often makes you wonder what is reality and what is imagination, or if there really is even a difference.

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What We're Reading
What We’re Reading: Zola Jesus