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Trend Report: Oversized Clothes

October 24, 2011

Japan Fashion Week has kicked off and, as usual, it's notoriously ahead of the game with menswear trends, acting like a window into our future wardrobes. It might be 2012 or 2013 before we've worked up the courage to start rocking these looks, but a few designers in Tokyo are playfully experimenting with oversized clothes. Pictured above is Ne-Net, whose gigantic silk tie made a model look like one of the Little Rascals.

The baggy uniforms of old-timey baseball were the inspiration for Soe.

Facetasm pulled from ’90s grunge and skate culture, reminding us of Cher Horowitz's famous baggy pants manifesto from Clueless.

Undercover’s take on the trend was to perfect the casual slouch.

Whiz Limited’s oversized look was a bit more subtle, but this windbreaker definitely has a loose hulk, with the sleeves creeping perilously down the model's fingers.

(images via High Snobiety, Hype Beast, Tokyo Fashion and Fucking Young)

Trend Report: Oversized Clothes