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Fol Chen Invent an Instrument

December 07, 2011

LA's Fol Chen have teamed with legendary minimalist interface designers Monome and the Echo Park art space Machine Project to create the Tetrafol, this wooden, pyramid-shaped device that plays/manipulates sound based on how it's moved, as demonstrated in the video above. What's just as crazy, if not even more so, is that the song below, "Back on Kent," was composed on this buttonless space thing. And it's really good! They only made 100 Tetrafols and they cost a hundred bucks, but if you buy one it comes pre-loaded with the stems from "Back on Kent" and some other Fol Chen songs/sounds, plus the software is open source so you can jack in and upload your own stuff and jiggle it around like it's god's Yak Bak.

Download: Fol Chen, "Back on Kent"

Posted: December 07, 2011
Fol Chen Invent an Instrument