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Stream: Booddha, “Never Expected” and “Intense”

February 28, 2012

Two new, well-crafted tracks from the Amsterdam future garage producer Booddha. Both songs share similar foundations: bright dots of synth, smoothly rattling percussion, like the lids closing on a hundred clay jars, and indecipherably chopped and pitch-shifted vocals. None of that's pushing into particularly new territory, but Booddha's got a graceful hand. Combined with other Soundcloud tracks and his She Was Lost EP, released just a month ago, he's putting together a promising, subtly diverse repertoire. "Never Expected" and "Intense" will be released soon by the new Dutch label Vresh, half-run by Booddha himself.

Stream: Booddha, "Never Expected"

Stream: Booddha, "Intense" (via stock71)

Stream: Booddha, “Never Expected” and “Intense”