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The Knife Definitely Have a New Album

December 12, 2012

Update 12/14/2012: The Knife's 2013 album, Shaking the Habitual, now has a release date. It will drop April 9 via Mute, and the band will tour Europe to support it (dates have yet to be announced).


The Knife, the Gothenburg electro-duo we last heard scoring a weird opera in 2010, will return with a new album in 2013, called Shaking the Habitual. This morning, they posted the above teaser video, titled "we asked our friends and lovers to help us" on their site, and according to a new press photo, they've exchanged their beak masks for wigs. This summer, Light Asylum's Shannon Funchess told Dazed and Confused she contributed some vocals to the project, to be released by Mute in the spring. (Bet Miguel is excited!)

The Knife Definitely Have a New Album