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Stream: Anthony Child, “The Space Between Things”

January 24, 2013

Better known as Surgeon, Birmingham DJ and producer Anthony Child has released dozens and dozens of records at the crossroads of minimal techno and dark ambience since he dropped his debut EP on storied electronic record label Downwards in the mid-'90s. On March 5th, Vermont's NNA Tapes is slated to release a collection of previously unheard music from the UK legend called The Space Between People and Things, and from the sound of this excerpt, which mixes the ominous tolling of bells with white noise tsunamis and some very delicately pattering beats, it'll probably be a pretty good point of entry to the more headphones-appropriate side of his work. Says Child, "I've collected together unreleased material that I've recorded between 1996 and the start of 2012, all of it very personal: there was no intention to release any of these when I made them. It consists of tonal experiments, location recordings and thought-forms from many different positions in space and time. It is the sound of the space between people and things."

Stream: Anthony Child, "The Space Between Things"

Posted: January 24, 2013
Stream: Anthony Child, “The Space Between Things”