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Stream: Dan Bodan, “Anonymous”

June 17, 2013

A new 7-inch release from Berlin-based DFA artist Dan Bodan seems to have opposite auras of the German capital on its mind, like night and day, and a little two sided token that'll unlock everything that's great about the city. Side 1 is "Anonymous," a dramatic, romantic vocal about lost love that feels perfect for a stroll through the grey pre-war buildings in Kreuzberg near Gleisdreieck Park or as the soundtrack for a sweeter version of Wings of Desire, a movie about angels that stream into post-wall Germany to help alleviate the city's pain. Side 2 is a remix of the song from fellow Berliner DJ Richard, who strips away the overwrought opera of the track to make it something deconstructed and minimal, nice for remixing and playing in one of the dark room below Berlin's many weird sex clubs.

Stream: Dan Bodan, "Anonymous"

Stream: Dan Bodan, "Anonymous" (DJ Richard Remix)

Stream: Dan Bodan, “Anonymous”