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Stream: Perera Elsewhere, “Bizarre”

August 12, 2013

Cool, now I've got OMC stuck in my head. But first—and very much so—I got to enjoy the sultrily strummed and sultrily sung "Bizarre," the debut single of London-born, Berlin-based Perera Elsewhere. Her stacked Bizarre EP, out September 10th, features remixes from Hype Williams, Maria Minerva, Nautiluss and Kyson, and is up for preorder now; Perera Elsewhere's debut LP, Everlast, comes out October 28th via Friends of Friends.

Stream: Perera Elsewhere, "Bizarre" (via Gorilla vs. Bear)

Update 9/16/13: With the EP out now, director Hugo Holger Schneider has chopped up photos of Perera, sports cars and whatnot for a video that feels a bit like a cross between Monty Python animations and a family vacation when you have a fever in the backseat.

Stream: Perera Elsewhere, “Bizarre”