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Stream Soviet Soviet’s Debut Album, Fate

November 11, 2013


This past September, we posted a track from Soviet Soviet, a post-punk group from Pesaro, Italy fronted by the flamboyantly icy-voiced Andrea Giometti. It felt pretty heavily Joy Division-indebted, from the ominous, minor key bass to the whiplash-inducing guitar lines, but it had a precision and deliberateness that left me hanging on their every note. The band's debut LP, Fate, is shot through with this mannered, even coldly calculating quality, but as the wonderful surprise chord changes and glamorously accented English vocalizations suggests, it's all in the spirit of theater, or better yet, a kind of theatrical transcendence that trumps all the surface moroseness. Stream Fate below in full, and pre-order the album, which comes out next week, via Felte.

Stream: Soviet Soviet, Fate

Stream Soviet Soviet’s Debut Album, Fate