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Download Merkabah 13’s גליפים הקדושות (Holy Glyphs) LP

Gnostic instrumentals from Atlanta/space. You can really zone out—or in—to this.

November 21, 2013

Last month, Atlanta's criminally slept-on Merkabah 13 released גליפים הקדושות (Holy Glyphs), his ninth album in about a year and supposedly his last for a while. I've been following Merkabah 13 with some awe since Lil B rapped on his "Flowers Rise"—like Lil B, Merkabah has released music at a feverish pace and with a firm, consistent spirit: in his case, exploring gnosticism and the cosmos.

The name Merkabah refers to one of the oldest forms of Jewish mysticism, and the number 13 evokes The Rambam's 13 principles of faith; in album art and on social media he references Buddhism, ancient Egypt, voodoo, etc. But more important is the content of the music: there's a certain cosmic energy to the tones, loops and meditative structure. I wouldn't be surprised if there's an underlying logic to גליפים הקדושות's arrangement besides simply having beats that sound like sleeping under a waterfall—something like the Serpinski Gasket fractal that supposedly informed Infinite Jest. In fact, I'm reminded of a David Foster Wallace quote while listening to this record: "God has particular languages, and one of them is music and one of them is mathematics." You can really zone out—or in—to this.

Download Merkabah 13’s גליפים הקדושות (Holy Glyphs) LP