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Stream: Lil Kemo, “Bop Queen”

The poster boy of Chicago’s bop movement drops what might be his best track yet.

November 25, 2013

Lil Kemo has been the poster boy for Chicago's bop movement from the start; he's the one dancing in now-seminal videos like King Louie's "My Niggaz" and DGainz' "Bop-A-Thon." But until he dropped his original track "Turn Up Or Die" in September, I'd had no idea he made music as well. Over the past month, he's been uploading a steady stream of his own beaming, upbeat bop tracks, and his latest, "Bop Queen," might be the best yet. It's to bop what Fatzmack and Katie Got Bandz' 2012 "Lady Hitta" was to drill in 2012—essentially its "every thug needs a lady" moment.

Stream: Lil Kemo, "Bop Queen"

Stream: Lil Kemo, “Bop Queen”