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Listen to Naomi’s Punk’s Scuzzy “Firehose Face”

Stream the Olympia trio’s new single.


If you've listened to more than one Naomi Punk song, you'll know they have a definite vibe: mucky guitars, an unhurried tempo, a scuzzy tunefulness. "Firehose Face," the new single off the Washington trio's upcoming record, ticks off all those boxes with an ever-so-slightly improved studio sheen. It's aggressive but not angry, experimental but also tightly-coiled—an urgent-sounding continuation of a garage-rock aesthetic that's unmistakably theirs. Television Man, the band's sophomore full-length, is out August 5th on Captured Tracks.

Stream: Naomi Punk, "Firehose Face"

Listen to Naomi’s Punk’s Scuzzy “Firehose Face”