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Dive Into Mick Jenkins Latest Mixtape The Water[s]

Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins evokes water to understand the vast world around him on his new project

August 14, 2014

Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins dropped The Water [s] this week to wide praise. If the title didn't give it away, the tape is preoccupied with H20, but not the scientific properties--Jenkins crafts an elaborate motif based on the different ways that water appears in one's life. The metaphor is presented right out front on the opening track "Shipwrecked," where the sounds of crashing sea waves lead the listener into the rest of the tape. His fluid introspection manifests itself throughout on cuts like "THC" and "Dehydration," as Jenkins explores the waters of life with focused, ribbed raps and knocking production. Earl Sweatshirt's been bumping it, and so have we.

Stream: Mick Jenkins, The Water[s]

Dive Into Mick Jenkins Latest Mixtape The Water[s]