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Wyles & Simpson Explore Opposites On Deeply Satisfying Debut Single

“Light & Dark” is the first taste of the London duo’s forthcoming debut album.

November 13, 2014

"Our journey has involved succumbing to light and darkness—it's not comfortable and it's not meant to be," say new London duo Wyles & Simpson of their debut single "Light & Dark." Their words make for a cryptic first statement but flicker into focus on first listen. Wyles' almost jazz standard-ready vocals circle Simpson's rolling, string-inflected beats, and the pair take turns to rise and fall. It's an immediate and deeply satisfying listen.

"We met in Manchester a few years ago when we were both working with other artists, and it was an instant friendship," Abigail Wyles and Holly Simpson further explain over email. "We saw something in each other's approach to making music and naturally this progressed on to us writing together. Our collaboration is much like our conversation: a meeting of minds. Perhaps that's why people say that when they watch us that we seem to have our own unspoken language, a reflection of the time and energy we share." Listen out for the duo's debut album in early 2015.

Wyles & Simpson Explore Opposites On Deeply Satisfying Debut Single