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Listen To Touch Sensitive’s Entrancing Vocal Cut-Up “Teen Idols”

Gorgeously loopy cut from Future Classic’s forthcoming year-end compilation.

December 04, 2014

Ah, it's great to hear music, especially when it's this absurdly sublime: Sydney producer Touch Sensitive's "Teen Idols" sounds like what it'd be like if there was an arcade game based off of Todd Edwards' gorgeous vocal cut-up garage style, and you were trapped inside—or, if someone chopped up the vocal lines of Boyz II Men's "Motownphilly" and looped the results until your brain went absolutely mental. It's the lead track and sorta-title cut from Teen Idols: A Future Classic Compilation, a year-closing comp from the rising Australian electronic label that's out on December 19.

"My cousin Michael Bartucciotto introduced me to lots of deep Doo Wop and i'm familiar with most of the Teen Idol stuff because my dad listens to it, so to me this track is about a little bit of the past in a current context," Touch Sensitive told FADER in an email. "People have short attention spans these days and some pop hooks are only couple of words (if that), so it's a bit of a nod to that world you could say. Not everyone can sing 4 part harmonies (including me) but anyone can do "Doo" or "Bap" and with technology the way it is now, anyone can be a star."

Teen Idols:

01. Touch Sensitive, "Teen Idols" (exclusive)
02. HWLS, "004" ft. Noah Breakfast
03. Basenji, "Heirloom"
04. Chet Faker, "Gold"
05. Seekae "Test & Recognise"
06. George Maple "Talk Talk"
07. Karma Kid, "Bird of Prey"
08. KOA, "All Of My Love" (exclusive)
09. Thrupence, "Silk"
10. 123MRK, "Same Old Game" (exclusive)
11. Cashmere Cat, "With Me"
12. Wave Racer, "Streamers"
13. Hayden James, "Something About You" (exclusive)
14. Chrome Sparks, "Goddess"
15. Flight Facilities, "Two Bodies (Lido Remix)" ft. Emma Louisev 16. Woolfy, "City Lights"

Listen To Touch Sensitive’s Entrancing Vocal Cut-Up “Teen Idols”