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Have A Pure Pop Moment With New London Singer Tom Aspaul

“Good Together” is the latest from the London singer/songwriter, who’s previously been covered by Kylie.

December 10, 2014

Everyone's saying we'd be good together, sings London singer/songwriter Tom Aspaul on his new single, "Good Together." His name might not ring any bells just yet, but how many pop newbies do you know who've been produced by MNEK and covered by Kylie? FADER contributor Michael Cragg put me onto him, and I'm already wearing my MP3 to the bone. "I wrote 'Good Together' in a session with [London producer] GRADES after a really heavy night out in Soho which ended with me falling over, hitting my head on a table and blacking out," Tom Aspaul told The FADER over email. "I turned up pretty late the next day feeling a bit concussed with a big gash on my forehead. The beats me and Dan were working on were referential of early '00s Darkchild mixed with Janet's 'Doesn't Really Matter,' and all I could think of was the imagery from that video—something like a happy, futuristic, neon-lit city. I started trying to incorporate the previous night into my lyrics, and came up with this image of Isaac Newton and the apple falling from the tree and hitting him on the head. I figured it's like that Eureka moment you get when you meet someone amazing and know that you were meant to be together." Check it out below.

Photo credit: James Moriarty + Aaron Francis Walker

Have A Pure Pop Moment With New London Singer Tom Aspaul