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LA Songwriter Cotillon’s “Left Bank” Is A Timeless-Feeling Tearjerker

It was produced by ex-Girls member Chet “JR” White.

January 07, 2015

On "Left Bank," Cotillon yearns for a lost love. We used to walk along the sand/ We didn't talk, we just held hands, he croons sadly over a waltz-paced piano melody and some buttery horns. The song could probably soundtrack a Woody Allen flick, though, according to a press release, Cotillon (real name: Jordan Corso) is more inspired by the French New Wave. The track is off the singer-songwriter's self-titled debut, which drops January 26th on Burger Records. Corso recorded Cotillon between LA and San Francisco, enlisting producer Chet "JR" White—formerly of Girls—to produce. Apparently, while recording "Left Bank," White took a tough love approach to pull an authentically worn-out vocal performance out of Corso. "JR made me do hours worth of takes into the early morning and I remember being frustrated because he wasn't giving me any feedback," Corso told FADER in an email. "With JR, everything had to be real. I couldn't just try to sound tired, I had to actually be tired."

Photo credit: Vivian Wu

LA Songwriter Cotillon’s “Left Bank” Is A Timeless-Feeling Tearjerker