Miguel Debuts “Coffee” Video Teaser


May 05, 2015

Even before Miguel was on the cover of The FADER in 2012, I've been ready for the next record. The last one benefited from an extended, three-EP roll-out, which let him prove to an industry that wasn't yet fully on-board that he was an R&B god in his own right. But this time around, for an album reportedly called WILDHEART and expected this summer, Miguel has only done one of those trademark three-track drops—bundled as nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee, though the Soundcloud has since come down. He's earned the right to give away less.


Here's a bit more tease, though, in the form of a short clip promoting the official "Coffee" single. There are actually a few versions of the track: a clean solo version, then a dirty one featuring Wale. I prefer the subtlety of the clean one, where the chorus ends with And pillow talk turns into sweet dreams/ Sweet dreams turns into coffee in the morning. But fucking in the morning is cool, too.

As Miguel told The FADER, "'Coffee' is meant to be one big beautiful cosmic blur. It's lust and vice, in the most beautiful sense, rooted in genuine connection.” Dig into that above, and then, below, check out where he makes coffee for real, with Miguel's episode of The FADER and Sonos' At Home With.

Miguel Debuts “Coffee” Video Teaser