Timbaland Refuses To Call Caitlyn Jenner “Caitlyn”

“His momma named him Bruce.”

June 02, 2015

UPDATE 6/2/15 11:52 P.M.: Timbaland has issued a non-apology apology. The producer tried to explain on Twitter that he was merely posting a meme that riffed on the Eddie Murphy's 1988 film Coming to America where Arsenio Hall's character refused to acknowledge Cassius Clay changing his name to Muhammed Ali. "I didn't make the meme that was posted or said publicly what the meme said," Timbaland said. You can read his tweets below.


Timbaland is refusing to acknowledge the existence of Caitlyn Jenner: yesterday, the famous producer posted a meme on Facebook suggesting, “His Momma Named Him Bruce, Imma Call Him Bruce.” Timbaland is out of touch these days, overwhelmed by ‘90s nostalgia for his days with Aaliyah and Ginuwine. And as Billboard was quick to point out, Timbaland's momma did not name him Timbaland.

Check out a preview of Jenner's forthcoming Vanity Fair cover here.

Timbaland Refuses To Call Caitlyn Jenner “Caitlyn”