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Watch Rejjie Snow’s “All Around The World” Video

Johnny Depp’s daughter makes a cameo.

July 07, 2015

Irish rapper Rejjie Snow dropped the Noah Lee-directed clip for his new single, "All Around The World." The loping track mixes a neo-soul beat, Snow’s easy-rolling raps, and a Pharrell-like falsetto hook. The video builds on a very specific set of reference points. "I was falling asleep to Pierrot Le Fou and North By Northwest every night,” Lee told i-D. Influenced by these film classics, the visual conveys “a sweet, nostalgic aching for the past," dressing Snow in a retro suit and putting him behind the wheel of an old-school ride. Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily, shows up for the second half of the video, and at the end of drive, there’s also a frog sitting on the windshield. Watch below.

Watch Rejjie Snow’s “All Around The World” Video