Fly High With Humeysha’s Trippy “Burma Between You And Me”

Introducing Camp & Street’s multicultural singer-songwriter.

August 31, 2015

The video for Humeysha's "Burma Between You and Me" is what I imagine drugs feel like. The Ethan Young-directed clip is a trippy journey through physiology and cosmology. A caged creature lives between his teeth and behind his eyes and in his brain; unidentifiable liquids leak out of his ears; and a wisp of smoke escapes his mouth and climbs upwards as a metal chain, before transforming into a beautiful flower. It's super weird, but then you glimpse Humeysha playing the guitar, making sense of everything you just saw with a soothing riff and gorgeously layered multilingual vocals.


The video representative of everything I've come to expect from Le1f's Camp & Street crew—slightly left-of-center art that tells an important story. In Humeysha's case, that story is of a life lived between East and West. "Written and conceived by Zain Alam in India, Humeysha channels diverse influences, echoing sounds from New York to New Delhi, reflective of a multicultural upbringing," Camp & Street told The FADER over email. "[It] evokes a wayfarer’s meditative travels through heritage and homeland." Zone out above.

Fly High With Humeysha’s Trippy “Burma Between You And Me”