PC Music Announces Partnership With Columbia Records

And Danny L Harle Shares “Forever.”

October 21, 2015

PC Music has teamed up with Columbia Records. In a statement, PC Music referred to Columbia affectionately as "A TRULY ANCIENT INDUSTRY LEGEND." The fledgling label also suggested that a lot new material is on the way: "WE'VE BEEN VERY BUSY THIS SUMMER AND FINALLY THE TIME HAS COME TO START UNLEASHING LARGE SCALE CONTENT OF ALL SHAPES AND SIZES."

The first taste of that content arrived courtesy of Danny L Harle, who released "Forever." The song is partially inspired by '90s club classics like Haddaway's "What Is Love." "Forever" revolves around the ecstatic, stabbing synths and chirpy vocals that characterize much of PC Music's output. In press materials, Harle explained his creative approach. "Pop music in itself is super-crazy," he noted. "It's on the brink of insanity. And what I have always been hoping to do is just push it that little bit further, to complete insanity."


"Forever" will appear on the four-track Broken Flowers EP. Look for that on November 20.

PC Music Announces Partnership With Columbia Records