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London Producer IYDES Will Get Under Your “Skin”

Tropical sounds get a chaotic overhaul on a new release from Infinite Machine.

February 09, 2016

Londoner IYDES makes angular productions that feel rooted in the grey grind of the city, but with his latest self-titled EP—due out on Montreal/Mexico City-based label Infinite Machine—is taking on a more tropical lilt. "Skin" is one of the EP's softest yet hardest moments—a chaotic rhythm bubbling just under the surface of a stony-voiced sample repeating soft...skin. "Skin is about translucence," he told The FADER via email. "Visceral rhythm, skeletal synths and a chant. The skin is so soft that the bones show through." Listen below, and catch his "low-key EP launch" alongside Toxe, Endgame, and MM in London this Friday.

London Producer IYDES Will Get Under Your “Skin”