Calm Down, Your Instagram Feed Will Not Be Changing Tomorrow

Update: A rep for Instagram says your memes are safe for now and the testing has just begun.

March 28, 2016

Earlier this month, Instagram announced it would eventually be making changes to users' feeds to show them posts sorted by algorithm, instead of in a reverse chronological flow. This weekend, rumors that Instagram would be making big changes on Tuesday came to a fever pitch, with many of the platform’s power users asking their users to ‘turn on notifications’ to better follow their posts.

But a spokesperson for Instagram told The FADER over email that there's no need to panic. There's still a lot of testing to be done on the algorithm changes, they said. They explained: “This is not being implemented tomorrow—we still have weeks, or even months, of testing to go. Currently the test groups are very small. When we roll it out broadly, we will definitely let the community know."


The FADER has reached out to some highly followed Instagram users, and for a followup conversation with Instagram, and will update this post.

im so scared TBH 😨

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Update (3/28 7:26 p.m.): More information from Instagram.

In a followup call with The FADER on Monday afternoon, a rep for Instagram attempted to clarify some of the platform’s planned changes. The testing of new features has only been rolled out to a “super small” number of users so far, they said. (For users who are experiencing the test version, there is currently no option to switch back to the old view.) As the rep explained, the testing that Instagram is currently carrying out is not content specific. That means it’s not meant to clear any types of posts away from your feeds—so all your memes, especially if you’ve previously spent a lot of time looking at memes, are safe for now.

Calm Down, Your Instagram Feed Will Not Be Changing Tomorrow