Crepes Delivers A Synth Serenade On “Hidden Star”

A song that inspires both imagination and will-power.

April 04, 2016

Australian band Crepes creates a retro-like feel on their new song, "Hidden Star." The vibrations of the echoey vocals round out the track's easygoing tempo.

Crepes frontman/lead singer Tim Karmouche told The FADER over email, "The song came together in a very short period of time. Out of a batch of songs that were recently recorded, it is the newest. We went with it as it felt the most complete and had a natural feel about it."


"I decided to explore some different themes lyrically for the song. Instead of themes stemming from direct personal experiences, I decided to go for more of a narrative type approach. Thematically, it’s the story of two people being lost in different situations and finding guidance through the will to live."

Crepes Delivers A Synth Serenade On “Hidden Star”