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10 Winners And Losers From The Yeezy Season 4 Show

Shoes were lost, editors were displeased, Teyana Taylor walked.

September 07, 2016

A view of the #YeezySeason4 runway.

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Today, Kanye West blessed NYFW with the fourth iteration of its buzziest event: his fashion show. It was a polarizing presentation, from its location (on Roosevelt Island) to its head-scratcher of a casting process. But if there's one thing Ye never fails to deliver, it's the unexpected, so even when the bedraggled and sweaty mass of fans, influencers, and editors scrambled up the steps of the park, the striking, Vanessa Beecroft-choreographed phalanx of models in nude-toned separates still managed to elicit gasps. Here, we explore the winners and losers of Yeezy Season 4.

1. Winner: Desiigner & Iman Shumpert

When your papa was a rolling stone and you find your long lost brother #imanshumpert #desiigner

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Who co-starred in Pusha T's snap story as "Twinsies!"

2. Loser: Anyone who took the shuttle instead of just hopping on the F train

Kanye provided shuttles, but there was no water, no food, and endlessly cranky editors.

3. Winner: Roosevelt Island's abandoned Small Pox Hospital

The decrepit hospital located on the way to the show managed to get shine despite being 160 years old.

4. Loser: Anyone who paid $75 for a T-shirt

Sorry bout it.

5. Winner: This model, who couldn't walk in her shoes

But managed to become a "fuck it" meme in the process.

6. Loser: Honestly, who ever built the shoes in general

Let's just hope these are all prototypes and these cruel shoes aren't going straight to market.

7. Winner: Kanye

Say what you want about Yeezy, but Ye keeps bringing us out for eye-opening collection after collection.

8. Loser: All of us

Yeezy Season 4

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Because Kanye fans went all the way to Roosevelt's Island and North wasn't even there.


Who shut down the whole show, literally and figuratively.

10. Loser: Music fans

#yeezy #season4 #kanyewest

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We're not sure what those long, low dulcet synths were, but they sure as hell weren't T.L.O.P.

10 Winners And Losers From The Yeezy Season 4 Show