Kestrels Play With TV Glitches In The Music Video For “Descent Of Their Last End”

The Halifax group’s new album is out now.

October 31, 2016

In "Descent of Their Last End," the new video from Kestrels, fuzzy images of the Halifax, Nova Scotia band's performance are broadcast on a wandering TV set and in the surrounding environment. The video mirrors the track, which is a storm of distortion, movement, and uplifting shoegaze-pop.


Rob Feulner, the Montreal video artist who previously handled the band's video for "The Moon Is Shining Our Way," told The FADER over email that the video was him taking the band for a night on the town." And Kestrels's Chad Peck gave some insight into the song's formation. "'Descent of Their Last End" is a phrase from the end of James Joyce's short story 'The Dead.' It's a quietly devastating story, and while my lyrics aren't Joycean, they capture their own quiet devastation in a series of too-easily-forgotten notes to self. Musically: I had the bass riff for the song from just after the A Ghost History sessions. It reminded me of Doolittle-era Pixies with their phasers set to stun. I kept the rhythm guitars extra hazy to give the low end lots of room. The mini space-rock guitar orchestra toward the end is one of my favorite parts of the record."

Kestrels's new self-titled album is out now. Check out their Canadian tour dates below.

Kestrels tour dates

Fri Nov 04 – Halifax, Nova Scotia @ Plan B w/ Booji Boys
Sat Nov 05 – Truro, Nova Scotia @ Elm/Oak Ballroom – Nova Scotia Music Week
Fri Nov 18 – St. John’s, Newfoundland @ Peter Easton
Sat Nov 19 – St. John’s, Newfoundland @ Distortion

Kestrels Play With TV Glitches In The Music Video For “Descent Of Their Last End”