The Shacks start a cult in new “Follow Me” video

It’s hypnotizing and sweet.

February 13, 2018
The Shacks start a cult in new “Follow Me” video Sesse Lind

In many ways, The Shacks's "Follow Me" is an invitation and a command. The Queens duo, helmed by Shannon Wise and Max Shrager, are releasing their debut album Haze soon, and their new single feels like a sweet request for the attention of your eyes and ears. Wise's feathery vocals alongside the bright guitar leave little room for disagreement. I caught myself humming along to the airy hook yesterday as I went for lunch, fully entranced by the hypnotic swing of Wise's voice as she beckoned, "I hope you'll follow me."


Today, The FADER is premiering the video for "Follow Me," which captures the uncanny feeling of being reeled in by some magnetic force. Wise takes on the role of a charismatic cult leader of sorts, slowly making friends with strangers one-by-one. Director Catherine Orchard says that she was inspired by "watching the eclipse last summer with strangers in a park in Nashville. By the end we were in awe, talking to each other, and totally connected by witnessing something extraordinary together." See it below.

The Shacks start a cult in new “Follow Me” video